Alter Eden - 'Tigers & Lambs' (EP)

Alter Eden  release new EP 'Tigers & Lambs', an EP colossal in both substance and foundation.

Their sound, is a fresh take on alternative rock, a sound which is intelligent and sophisticated, complex in its delivery. And the band have thrown everything they have into the melting pot, creating something that demonstrates ambition and intent. It also seems Alter Eden are focused on masterminding a sound of punchy, raw, contributions, featuring blasting guitar lines and powerful vocal work. They’re certainly a band to consider when a dimly lit mind flickers and goes out completely. It could be the surprising antidote to aid someone suppressed by urges to lose it all. But, as the pessimism runs clear, it doesn’t taint Alter Eden’s body of work. It adds a sense of integrity, a blossoming surge of solidarity.

The lyrical content is wonderfully presented too, orchestrated with heart in mind. It flourishes and perfectly edges into the mind and creates bundles of inspiration. As a collective, the act have worked extensively on the wordplay, properly connecting the puzzle with imagination in abundance. And with their new EP ;Tigers And Lambs', they have embarked on saluting their signature sound by adding even more depth.

All the tracks on the EP are supreme. Dashes of blackness and despair are evident. The beauty and courageousness of 'Colourless' is something to behold. It starts with a beating guitar sequence that develops on. The song is a reminder of Alter Eden’s pessimistic approach. 'Count Your Sins' offers a poetic masterclass, as the vocals engage well with the thumping instrumentals. 'We’ve Had Enough' is sheer bliss, anchoring towards magic.

Alter Eden are a band capable of becoming front-runners on the alternative rock scene.

Words of Mark McConville

'Tigers & Lambs' is out now and available to 
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