Adam Melchor - 'Brook Revisited' (Single)

New Jersey recording Adam Melchor makes his intimate and emotive debut with new single, 'Brook Revisited'. 

'Brook Revisited' is the lead single taken from 24 year old Adam Melchor's forthcoming debut EP, 'The Archer'  featuring warm folk guitar finger picking alongside wistful vocals. There's a beautiful serenity and pureness to the track highlighted by Melchor's vivid use of natural imagery and wonderful imagination delivered in a conversational fashion.

As the song develops, it soon becomes clear 'Brook Revisited' is depicting a deeply personal and reflective narrative, with very sad undertones. The track was inspired by a reacquaintance with a childhood friend under tragic circumstances and is in part a personal tribute to a companion who died of a drug overdose.

Effective in its restrain, wonderful in its tender yet intricate display of emotion, 'Brook Revisited' is a humble and astute offering that welcomes its listener into the very heart of the song without sensationalising the emotion within its layers. Some people are just born to tell their stories through music and Adam Melchor is one of them.

Words of Karla Harris

'Brook Revisited'  is out now and available to stream over on Spotify, taken from 'The Archer' EP which  is scheduled for release on March 31st via Silver Scream Records.