Violet Days - 'Suck At Love' (Single)

Violet Days adds a fresh, alternative, twist to pop with new single 'Suck At Love'. 

Generally speaking I'm not usually a fan of uptempo pop with a strong electronic presence in its production. However, Swedish pop project Violet Days new track 'Suck At Love' offers an antidote to any anti-pop sentiments I may have been harbouring recently.

Singer/Songwriter Lina Hansson's light vocals are sweet on the ears and float out of warm layers of  diverse synth and detailed production courtesy of Kris Eriksson. 'Suck At Love' offers up feel-good dance vibes alongside radio-friendly catchy pop hooks and bold anthemic enthuasiam.

'Suck At Love' keeps its listener engaged by mixing up the dynamics and the tracks textures, finding time for a more intimate, stripped back and sombre moments  before adding some quirky flourishes to avoid falling into mundane and repetitive electro pop.

It's easy to see why Violet Days have been carrying such a buzz about them. 'Suck At Love' is a boundary-pushing and creative cut of pop goodness.

Words of Karla Harris