Tigercub - 'Control' (Single)

Brighton based three-piece Tigercub are about to embark on a massive period of touring, but just before they go they’ve decided to release one more single.

Taken from their debut album Abstract Figures in The Dark, 'Control' is a grimy, scuzzy attack on the political status quo, with singer/guitarist Jamie Hall explaining:

"As the world lurches to the right wing, and the flame of neo liberal capitalism burns on all we have left is our own moral compass to guide us through these dark waters - I'm proud there are millions of people who want a progressive world and know that someday we will get it.”

This rallying cry is delivered with a gut punch of a chorus, driven forwards by Jamie’s frenetic guitar work and Jimi Wheelright’s throbbing bass, grunge with a 21st century makeover.

Despite this slant towards riffs and political polemic, the lyrics of  'Control' are surprisingly emotional, with the opening line “I push my pain into my chest” showcasing a vulnerability that gives Tigercub’s music the depth to stand out from the crowd.

With praise rolling in from all quarters it seems like Tigercub’s juxtaposition of heavy riffs and introspective lyrics might just make 2017 their year.

Words of Jake Hawkes