The Band Explains: Incredible Woman - 'Clip in a Pistol' (Video)

We caught up with Derm Kean of Incredible Woman to talk about the band's latest video release for the track 'Clip in a Pistol'  taken from their debut album,  'INCREDIBLE'.

Incredible Woman is a four piece band from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Although the band's music is self-described as “it's like rock”, they are commonly categorized as post-punk or simply, rock. Incredible Woman consists of Derm Kean, Christian Gagnon, Archie Golo, and Harry Parsons. The group released their debut record INCREDIBLE on October 15th, 2016. Since then, they have been busy wearing down the highway asphalt of their homeland, touring Canada.

Incredible Woman is about to embark on another tour of Canada in support of their debut INCREDIBLE and have their sights next set on Europe. They are currently working on their sophomore record at Electrical Audio with renowned sound engineer Steve Albini. A release date and title has yet to be determined, so stay tuned to Incredible Woman.

Derm Kean Explains:
"The video was made in Montreal with a handful of friends on a tight budget. After running all over the city for a “severed hand” here and there and totally raiding a dollar store, myself and my group were ready to make this video. The majority of the shots took place in my apartment. We needed an empty space, and there was a lot of moving things around. At one point, the kitchen was filled to the ceiling with the apartment's contents, and it made my roommates' lives pretty interesting.

However the video was not shot solely in my apartment. The opening scene was filmed in a burlesque bar in Montreal called The Wiggle Room. Shots were also done at the home of friends of the director, Greg. Finally, the Man in Lake shot was filmed outside in a lake, because there isn't a lake in my apartment.

The song comes from a place of frustration and confusion. It's about things not adding up, and circumstances being drastically different than expected. It's about life and its many tricks it will play on you. It's about coming up short in the hunt for a sensible existence; about being close, but far; having the right tools, but feeling as if nothing is fitting together; the inability to overcome hopelessness, in spite of the desire to be happy. Hence, 'Clip in a Pistol'.

In the video, we wanted to represent and project feelings associated with agoraphobia, giving a glimpse into the personal hell that can develop from expressive and wayward analytical thinking. We steered away from a literal concept overall, but some very short shots are intended literally. Deception is present throughout the video for 'Clip in a Pistol', and we wanted the viewer to be taken aback by the end result of many of the shots.

Overall, the video hopes to offer insight into a vast catalogue of complex emotions and the complications involved in feeling them. It was meant to bring the viewer's attention to a variety of distant, bleak and vague scenarios. For creating something that tackled the subject of despair, the process was rather fun. Things got broke, things caught fire, there was a “hangover bed” (love you Pascal) in the front porch, food, drinks, music, art, it was allllllright."

Interview feature by Karla Harris

Incredible Woman's debut  album is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud. For vinyl collectors, you can purchase the LP through the group's Bandcamp page. More videos from INCREDIBLE are in the process, so subscribe to their YouTube channel to stay on top of their releases!