The Band Explains: Modern Comforts - 'Easy Tiger' (Video)

UK Indie Rock quartet Modern Comforts speak to us about the visuals for their debut single, 'Easy Tiger'.
Combining visceral energy and catchy lyrics, Modern Comforts 'Easy Tiger' is a brawling attack on the senses. Its infectious driving rhythm, snarling vocals and rowdy rock n roll arrangements makes you want to dance.the night away at dingy, dark, alternative club night surrounded by all your best friends.

Modern Comforts Explains:
Where was the video for 'Easy Tiger' filmed?

The video was filmed in a function room at the back of our local pub 'the Beacon' in Burton on Trent, it felt right to do it there as it was where we all met, first formed the band and played our first gig.

How would you say the video compliment the song?

I think the video definitely compliments the song, we chose to have the video in black and white to make it seem more retro in a way, trying to bring an old school rock and roll feel to the track.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Pokémon Go! was massive at the time we recorded this track so in between takes one of us (our lead singer Connor) would be off about searching for Pokemon.

Can you talk us through the themes and imagery used?

There wasn't much thought put into the themes and imagery as we wanted the first video to only feature us as a band, though one thing we did was keep the dartboard in view to convey the 'working mens' vibe to an otherwise bland setting. Also we used a black sheet behind our lead singers head so we could bring to life facial expressions in some of the clips.

Is there a message you hope viewers take away from watching the video?
Again not much thought was put into a message for the video it was more a case of having the whole band in the video instead of the classic 'boy girl' video we see everywhere nowadays.

Interview Feature by Karla Harris