The Band Explains: False Heads - 'TwentyNothing' (Video)

Post-millennial punk rock three-piece False Heads talk candidly with us about the visuals for new single, 'TwentyNothing';

'TwentyNothing' is taken from the band's upcoming EP 'Guitar Press' and is a hard-hitting, blistering assault of punk and grunge. The track is lyrically packaged to represent frustration and disdain at the isolation stemming from divisive and corrupt press agendas, meaningless fame culture and our obsession with social media.

'Gutter Press’ EP will be released through 25 Hour Convenience Store on March 10th 2017. The band have also partnered with Pledge Music on the new release, with exclusive signed pre-orders on vinyl and CD, along with other merchandise, available from HERE now.

False Heads Explains:
Where was the video  for 'TwentyNothing' filmed?
The live shots were filmed at our show at the Water Rats and also our show at Proud Camden. The non live shots were filmed in my bathroom haha

How does the video compliment the song?
We wanted something that sort of complimented the intense bits of the songs and the more melancholic aspects of the tune as well. But we didn't want it to be so obvious as like quiet bits - non live shots and the more intense bits - live shots so we sort of mix and matched all of it together. Lyrically I guess there's a lot of frustration/anger and misery in this song. There are digs at the press and our whole facebook/fame culture which I find extremely isolating and I think the video represents that.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Apart from Barney constantly moaning he had hair spray in his eyes, not much really.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
We wanted the more mundane, isolated bits in the shower and bathroom to be in colour to represent that life has so many different emotions and it's not just black and white, happy or sad like you're sort of told it should be. 'Are you happy?' 'How to make yourself happy?' all that self-help shit and societal practices. Go uni, get a job, fuck, have kids, die and you'll be happy kinda seems how school conditions you but you know life ain't like that I guess and society isn't. The black and white represents when you lose yourself in something you truly love (like music) there kind of only is one emotion or pure joy and that's the closest thing I'll ever get to spirituality I think. There's other themes of the shower being suffocated and washing yourself clean of what is forced down you're throat all the time ('gutter press') and the shower is a fairly obvious symbol of that I guess haha subtly doesn't work all the time I guess.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
Don't isolate yourself, think for yourself and immerse yourself in things you really want to do, not what you're told you should do. And don't wear clothes in the shower unless your washing machine is broke.

Interview Feature by Karla Harris

Live dates:
11 Mar – LONDON – Nambucca
17 Mar – BRIGHTON – Bleach