The Band Explains: Andy Oliveri & the Mountaineers - 'Where Wild Flowers Grow Fondly' (Video)

Andy Oliveri & The Mountaineers’ speaks to us about their sprawling shoegaze video for ‘Where Wild Flowers Grow Fondly’.

'Where The Wild Flower Grow Fondly' is taken from the band's debut album, 'Call Them Brothers', produced by James Bragg (Genghar, Tourists) and due for release 3rd March via Istartedthefire Records.

Andy Oliveri Explains:
Where was the video for 'Where Wild Flowers Grow Fondly' filmed?
The video is a mix of stock and new footage filmed in various locations around the Midlands. Filmed on modes of transport ranging from trains and buses, the aim was to create the sense of continually moving forward.

How does the video compliment the song? 

The song itself it a huge departure from my previous work and recording with the Mountaineers has created a new outlook to how I write music. When writing now, we tend to deconstruct a song and rebuilt from the roots, questioning our previous methods and setting rules on how we can progress or move forward. We wanted the video to compliment these new beginnings, but more so, the questioning of what we class as normality and structure.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Sadly not, I wish there was some hilarious props or drama during filming, but I guess my favourite clip is the strip club that features about half way through the end jam!

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
The video is a collaborative piece based between director Chris Jackson and Oscar Gaynor who wrote the accompanying essay. The imagery of the video questions the origins of familiar structures whilst the essay piece touches on our instincts and emotions through these seemingly new encounters. I’ve been a huge fan of both Chris’ and Oscar’s work for years, and really wanted to use an essay to counteract the images Chris was producing. Interestingly, the video and essay were created separately with only the track as a guide for both artists.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
‘Wild Flowers Grow Fondly’ is a song about the quiet confusion of new beginnings. The aim for the video was to visually question what we class as ‘normal’ and origins of familiar structures and buildings, giving the viewer their own answers and a satisfying confusion of escapism and positive reflection.

Interview feature by Karla Harris