The Artist Explains: Ursina - 'Question Untold' (Video)

Photo credit: Angelika Annen

Zurich-based folk/pop songstress Ursina talks to us about the ideas behind her new single and artsy video, ‘Question Untold’ which is out now via Radicalis.
'Question Untold' is a quirky indie pop track marking the second single to be taken from Ursina's debut album, ‘You Have My Heart’ which is available now across all good digital platforms.

Ursina Explains:
Where was the video for 'Question Untold' filmed?
It was filmed at Franz Gertsch Museum in Burgdorf, Switzerland.

How does the video compliment the song?
The song is about someone's inner and an outer self that does not really go together. It’s about someone who’s in love but not able to show those emotions to the person concerned. In the video this is symbolised by two characters, that represent those two states of mind: One is calm, quite, rigid and unemotional and the other is passionate, agitated, a little weird and moving freely.

Any behind the scenes stories?
The director Nicole Pfister is a very creative person and so I just wanted to give her free rein for the video. When I arrived on the set she told me about the green lips. In the beginning I was a bit confused about the idea, but I just went with the flow and now I like the green lips.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
The story is about a person that gets tangled up in the idea of approaching another person, that she falls for. Instead of doing that, she makes up a story or a plan and repeats it again and again in her thoughts, but she never goes through with. That’s the conflict of the song and the story that we wanted to tell with the video.

It’s about courage and fear, despair and hope, dream and reality. The two contrary states of mind are represented by the two characters that are in the centre of the action. Those were placed in a white, spacious, windowless room, that leaves space for the imagination of the viewer. The facilities of the Franz Gertsch Museum in Burgdorf were perfect for that. In the postproduction the director, cutter and editor Nicole Pfister played around with the interesting symmetrical lines and dimensions of the room. She worked with short cuts, zoom, mirroring, inversions or twisted images.

What do you hope people take away from watching the video?
I hope that the video is able to capture the attention of the viewers and involve them into the story.

Interview Feature by Karla Harris