The Artist Explains: Harper Starling - 'Disco Mirror Dream' (Video)

LA-based songstress Harper Starling talks us through the playful and feel-good visuals that accompany her upbeat and inspiring single, 'Disco Mirror Dream'.
Inspired by 70s and 80s disco, 'Disco Mirror Dream' is an incredibly infectious and joyful pop track, certified to put a smile on your face.

Harper Starling Explains:
Where was the video for  Disco Mirror Dream filmed?
 The music video was filmed in Brooklyn, in September. I flew out from LA with my dad (my #1 fan) and worked with long time David LaChappelle collaborator John Engstrom who has also worked with A-listers like Britney Spears, Madonna, and Metallica. For the video, an entire set was built to make it look like I was "getting ready for prom in my bedroom."

How do you feel the video compliments the song?
The video compliments the song perfectly!! I wanted to capture the energy and positivity of the song, as well as transport viewers to "Planet Disco," a place where everyone is celebrated for who they are and you never stop dancing!! My creative team (Lynn Verlayne Studio) came up with the concept to showcase me, "getting ready for prom, but never leaving my bedroom," which is simple when you think about it, but was actually quite complex to shoot. 'Disco Mirror Dream' is about living LOUD and PROUD and being unapologetic about who you are. What better place to do that then on the dance floor?

Any behind the scene stories?
There are several behind the scenes stories! The first would be that, in the video I'm wearing a pair of roller skates. I don't have a CLUE how to actually roller skate...but my team forced me to do it anyway. The pair we got for the video ended up having tape wrapped around the wheels, which you'd think would be a relief for me, but I still had to try and move around ended up falling. Twice! (The second time made it into the video...) The other story involves the "hollywood mirror" that I use to "get ready" in front of. Turns out the artist that used that same mirror before me was ... Beyonce!!! I had a total fan girl moment when I found out and actually ran up to the mirror and hugged and kissed it.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?The overall concept of the video was inspired by disco clubs from the 70s / 80s. I actually wrote the song at a dance club, underneath a mirror ball, and I wanted to recreate that moment, infused with a bit of nostalgia. I am also obsessed with rainbows and bright colors, and I wanted to include them in my wardrobe and the filters used on film. I am all about bringing positivity, sunshine, and joy to people with my music; I want people to celebrate who they are! You'll see me do a bunch of crazy moves that many of us do (but may not admit to) in our bedrooms when we think no one is watching.

What is the message you hope people take from watching the video?
The video encourages others to break away from their troubles and worries. There is a way for us to unite together and what better way than on the dance floor! It is a time for us to express ourselves and embrace our inner fabulousness and quirks. All wrapped up in glitter and disco!

Interview feature by Karla Harris