That Noise - 'Our Chance Is Now' (Single)

That Noise shout out for unity in new political protest anthem, 'Our Chance Is Now'.

"People. United. We Are. People. United...We'll Never. Be. Defeated!" is the affirming cry of solidarity and strength in numbers that marks the intro of That Noise's resilient new single, 'Our Chance Is Now'.  

'Our Chance Is Now' is a potent  blend of  crossover genres, predominately traversing the post hardcore, metal, trance and post punk influences. The dynamics of the track are unsteady yet purposeful as the track transforms its style and sound between hot rock dance appeal, to softer pop rock melodies inviting singalongs for the masses, to finding catharsis through the dark shadows of heavier influences, where all sonic directions mesh together like a well-oiled machine.

The sense of intrigue and the many layers and influences that 'Our Chance Is Now' is built on, helps heighten the all-inclusive message of togetherness which its lyrics represent. This is a track whose intention is a full-frontal protest against the United States' current political climate, yet becomes accessible to a larger audience who may be struggling under divisive and uncertain times.

Words of Karla Harris