SJBRAVO - 'We Never Dream' (EP)


SJBRAVO impresses with his retro, futuristic pop inspired 4-track debut EP, 'We Never Dream'.

For a new artist, SJBRAVO’s debut EP stuns sonically with a quality of an artist with huge amounts of career experience and strong personality behind it. He is an artist that leaves you asking a lot of questions about his background but there’s a certain familiarity in his electronic focused approach to pop music, I’m eager to explore inside his debut EP, ‘We Never Dream’.

 ‘We Never Dream’ is covered in a tense atmosphere yet embodies an infectious and sprung chorus. SJBRAVO stays picks apart some particularly belted chorus vocals and equally poignant synth hooks. While ‘Waterline’ is tense, trip-hop focused and embraces a chilling personality, with moments that sound distinctly retro but the instrumental revels in a modern approach. As the songs progress you can feel the heartbeat-paced movement re-occur in every track. Moving to the final track ‘Baby Don’t Go’, it plays host to sassy plucked bass guitar hooks that powerfully lead the song behind softened vocals and lush synth swells that blossom in this heartbreak track.

The sheer amount of emotion is captured well in both the instrumentation and the believable vocal performance throughout this release. The EP definitely holds influences reminiscent of artists like Years & Years and The Weeknd. This is definitely an impressive release for the synth-pop songster, especially for a debut.

Words of Marge

 Listen to ‘We Never Dream’ EP here.