Serafyn - 'Morning Tea' (Single)

Photo credit: Matthias Willi
Swiss-based folk-pop outfit Serafyn release their latest single, 'Morning Tea' taken from their new album, 'Foam'.
Up until now, if you had asked me to name a band or artist hailing from Switzerland,  I would not have been able to think of one. Switzerland may be lesser known for churning out pop musicians (at least ones who reach our ears across international waters) however, dedicated Basel natives Serafyn are very fine proof of the sheer talent cultivating there.

This is a five-piece who understands the key to getting noticed is in its live performances. From their humble beginnings busking through Europe, to continuing to bring their sound to live audiences, however big or small, whenever and wherever they can!  Serafyn have let audiences grow increasingly familiar with their music by taking their songs on the road with them.

New single, 'Morning Tea' is an affective number that makes use of atmosphere and spaciousness. From its acoustic-led intro and the charming lead vocals, to the evocative vocal harmonies chanting through darker undertones, "makes everything seem bigger, makes us seem bright", the band gently add layers of organic instrumentation, creating mood-provoking textures born from pure brilliance.

 'Morning Tea' sees Serafyn bridge the gap between low key arrangements and lavish flourishes with style and grace. There's a fundamental beauty and genuine likeability and sincerity about the music they are creating. Sitting here in London,  I'm very happy to now say I have a favourite band from Switzerland.

Words of Karla Harris