Seaway @ Rock City, Nottingham 31/01/2017 (Live Review)

When Canadian Rock band Seaway announced a UK Headline tour, we thought it would be foolish for us not to get involved, so we headed along to their Nottingham show at Rock City, where support came from WSTR and the Gospel Youth.

If pop punk is what you’re into, then this show was more than likely a dream come true. Canadian quintet Seaway have their foot placed firmly in the UK’s door, with one of the best pop punk albums of last year, 'Colour Blind', proving popular amongst the scene, as well several EP’s and a previous album to stand on. Paired with a string of anticipated UK support acts, and a venue as intimate as Rock City’s basement, things were bound to get sweaty.

The first support slot was filled by Brighton sad boys The Gospel Youth. With their recent signing to Rise Records, it’s clear the guys are on the climb, with no intention of slowing down. As always, front man Sam Little puts 110% into his vocals, showcasing his flawless ability. For me, these impressive vocals are inarguably unrivaled on this evening’s lineup. Despite being engrossed in this performance, i found the lack of interest from a youthful crowd somewhat disheartening to see. However, Little shows no sign of discouragement within his performance, nailing each line so effortlessly. Performing hits from recent EP Empires showcased their alt-rock potential, with the more mature nodding their heads in approval. A solid performance as usual gives me hope for the band's future in the scene.

The Gospel Youth - Rock City Basement -31/01/17 - Nottingham

WSTR are at the top of their game in the UK pop punk scene, with recent release ‘Red, Green Or In between’ taking the internet by storm the last few weeks. It’s evident that the youthful crowd are here for these guys, with WSTR merch being fashioned from front to back. Opening with album opener 'Featherweight' signified it's fast rate of success, with most screaming every word back to Frontman Sammy Clifford. This theme continued throughout the set, with new hits receiving an impressive reception. Whilst the crowd were extremely energetic, i found that the set lacked a tight set of vocals, with Clifford often missing lines at a time. This clearly didn’t seem to bother those watching, with youths filling in lines from old hits such as 'Graveyard Shift', and closing single 'South Drive'. An over-optimistic vocal ability is what lets these guys down, despite a tight knit performance from the rest of the band.

WSTR - Rock City Basement - 31/01/17 Nottingham

Whilst Seaway hold no resemblance to the following acts, it’s clear that they’re in their stride. Opening with 'Slam' meant supplying the crowd with their classic mantra- everything is cool man, which was screamed in unison. Following into popular single 'Best Mistake' signified madness in the basement from front to back, emphasising their infectious sound. Several more singles from Colour Blind went down a treat, illustrating the variety of sound that the album possesses. Front man Ryan Locke thanked the crowd for their participation, as well as the obvious admiration for the band, which shone through the jam packed venue. It's easy to see why this band are so popular with the younger generation, with the generic pop punk feel paired with their boisterousness attitude working wonders.
Seaway - Rock City Basement - 31/01/17- Nottingham

Personal favourite 'Stubborn Love' toned the evening down, paired with 'All In My Head' hit 'Alberta', addressing a more thoughtful tone to their set. Second vocalist Patrick Carleton is a game changer for this band, consistently nailing the higher notes in each hit, which works a treat. Showcasing songs from both albums meant a happy crowd all-round, and finishing with single 'Airhead' meant a final surge of madness for the guys.

Seaway prove that they’re big contenders within the scene, who definitely deserve more than they’re currently receiving. Their live show is definitely not one to be missed; If you haven’t already invested your time into this band, i suggest that you do so.