Satellite Mode - 'Secrets' (Single)

New York City duo Satellite Mode releases stylish and haunting indie pop track, 'Secrets'.

"How many secrets do you hold? How many stories go untold?" queries Satellite Mode in their hooky new offering, 'Secrets' - a fluid and rhythmic electronic pop track that opens with lead singer Jess Carvo's gorgeous folky vocals accompanied by a lovely acoustic guitar rhythm courtesy of Alex Marko (production/ insrumentation), before the funkiest of fuzzy bass rhythms kicks in adding a fraction of ominousness, only to change direction AGAIN as the catchy chorus comes in with its light and airy textures, constantly challenging the delicious darkness as Jess  poignantly sings, "I'm lighter now for giving up my ghosts".

As the duo fade out with the same style of gentle, stripped back arrangement that they open with, it is clear that this is a very accomplished outfit who have got everything under control - from ever changing dynamics, to accessible lyrical themes, catchy hooks and polished, textured, production -  this is an inventive and playful indie pop track that crawls under your skin with a masterful plan to make you crave just one more play... and then one more. On repeat.

On the song Jess Carvo tells us: "I wrote the hook lyrics in 2013, walking down 22nd street Manhattan while running an errand for my former day job. It was a picturesque spring day, one that highlighted how heavy I'd been feeling; how slow I'd been moving. I sang these words out loud on 5th ave and it brought some much needed levity. It stayed with me for years."

Words of Karla Harris

For US folk, Satellite Mode will be performing at NYC’s Legendary Blue Note on Feb 10.