Samuel Jack - 'Surrender' (Single)

Samuel Jack releases 'Surender' a raw and heartfelt indie soul offering.

For both the male and the female singer-songwriter, it is (and arguably. always has been) desperately hard to stand out in a immensely saturated genre. There's a fine line between retaining pop sensibility and becoming a knock-off embodiment of whichever songster or songstress is currently finding chart success.

Fortunately for Samuel Jack, there's something very immediate and noticeable about his current sound.  'Surrender' for example, is led by a gloomy, foreboding, folky, piano melody accompanied by Samuel's gruff vocals that reach fever pitch soulful heights of passion, holding monumental pop sensibility without entirely embodying anyone else in the limelight.

Sure, the relatively understated production quietly calls upon the hymnal type of influences that mainstream acts like Hozier and Rag'n'Bone man have popularised in recent times. But. These influences act in such a way where it is the mood and tone of the track that reminds you of other contemporaries and not necessarily the vocalist or the production.

On the ideas behind the track, Samuel told us, "Arriving at the point when it's do or die - when you've gotta let your guard down and go for it. It’s all about the heart, having to resist everything in your head and just submit to the way you feel, ‘cause in the end, that feeling, is always gonna win."

If 'Surrender' is anything to go by, Samuel Jack is definitely coming out on top.

Words of Karla Harris