Lunch Ladies - 'Love is Overrated' (Single)

New Jersey-based dream-pop band Lunch Ladies shares 'Love Is Overrated' taken from their forthcoming debut LP, 'Down on Sunset Strip'.

Now I am no expert in the dream pop genre - but what a beautiful way to be introduced - recently plugged by Zooey Deschanel (and that comes to no surprise) 'Love Is Overrated' is fresh, beautifully alluring and the synths draw you in start to finish. Cynthia Rittenbach's comforting vocals soothes your soul only to be complimented by the thick bass lines dark undertones. I could quite easily place this track into a Judd Apatow film where it would quite comfortably fit in amongst the likes of The Smiths and other untimely cool memoirs.

"Love definitely isn't overrated" quotes Cynthia (vocals) "love is important, always, and especially in times like these" and with everything going on in the world today we need more songs like this that appreciate you can find love amongst others but also with yourself.

Words of Lorin Forster