Live Review - Frenship @ Camden Assembly, London 12/02/2017

Frenship are radio friendly, there’s no way around it. It’s probably why their popular single Capsize is breaking 300 million views on Spotify – they’re easy to listen to with insanely catchy hooks. The band evidently has hit their target audience since the upstairs of the Camden Assembly is practically full. The bass hook from the opening number Run Wild gets the crowd up and moving as if it were nothing at all. 

The American duo are fleshed out by a full band; drums, guitar and keyboard really add to the whole experience, rather than just having the two singers. The band have been supporting Bastille over the past few months, so to go from playing huge arenas to a small room above a pub in North London may have been a bit of a reality check for them although they don’t show it at all. Frontmen James and Brett have become somewhat known for their dance moves – skills that they’re proud to exhibit tonight. Full of charisma and entertaining flair – they play off the reactions of the eager audience. From sitting down over the stage to get up close and personal to jumping around like it’s an Ibiza nightclub, Frenship deliver a sterling performance. Even I (a rock/alternative fan) find myself nodding my head to the beat of their biggest track Capsize which features keyboardist Celeste picking up the guest vocal hook. She gets the credit she deserves from the crowd who sing the words with her and bring the night towards its close. Finishing with a flurry of thanks and humble gratitude, they mill around the crowd and take selfies with their fans.

Frenship - Camden Assembly - 12/02/2017 - London

I, for one look forward to hearing a full-length album – everyone needs some heady summer vibes every so often.

Words and Photography by Rhys Haberfield