Live Review: Banfi @ The Old Blue Last, London 08/02/2017

Bar gigs are always different from their concert hall counterparts. There’s no dimming of lights before the acts come on, the performers mill around with the audience and it’s generally far more relaxed. We are here for Banfi's headline show at the Old Blue Last, where the crowd gradually builds throughout the night ready for the band in mention. 

Bad Parents are (currently) a bass and guitar duo recently formed and fronted by already established artist: Misty Miller. The band are in their infancy and cover some of Miller’s solo material as well as tracks written between them. There are casual smiles between the two which gives an insight into how this band works – they simply enjoy writing and playing music together. Fun, inoffensive (for a pub in east London, anyway) and a solid opener.

Bad Parents - The Old Blue Last - 08/02/2017 - London

Mummy are something completely different. Rather ironically, the bassist of Bad Parents, Tom plays guitar and Misty Miller’s bassist Charlie is the frontman. It should be mentioned, Miller’s drummer also plays for the headliner, Banfi so all in all, it’s a family affair. If there were anything calming about Bad Parents’ set, it’s quickly forgotten. Mummy are aggressive, offensive and in-your-face. With tracks concerning the boredom of London life – they usher the audience closer making the room feel very small indeed, which is frankly ideal for their kind of music. Reminiscent of Frank Carter’s debut album with the Rattlesnakes, the set is packed with energy, anger and has members of the small crowd singing along happily. Were the venue any larger, I’m pretty sure a mosh would have broken out.

Mummy - The Old Blue Last - 08/02/2017 - London

Headliners Banfi take to the stage with a sort of humbleness – the room is now full and raring to go. They’re probably the most radio friendly of the bill, their tracks are relaxed but easily keep your interest. The three-piece save their most recent single, 'Rosedale House' for the penultimate number, which is preceded by inanely catchy Happy When You Go. With the audience dancing away contentedly, Banfi, it seems, have pulled out all the stops. I’m excited to see where they progress to – I can easily see them playing medium-sized festivals in the coming years.

Banfi - The Old Blue Last - 08/02/2017 - London

Words and Photography of Rhys Haberfield