Liam Paton - 'Walk Towards The Fireworks' (Single)

Liam Paton releases scintillating first solo piano track, 'Walk Towards The Fireworks'.
Liam Paton's 'Walk Towards The Fireworks is a piano-led flood of emotion, a rising tide of sound and feelings, reaching colourful, atmospheric heighs with the addition of beauteous live strings, downtrodden horns, and a persistent drum rhythm that sounds like rain dusting against your window, that feels like tears on your cheeks,  that makes you very aware of the frantic beating of your own heart as you surf the waves of sentiment.

Spanning tragically sad to courageous and jubilant - Liam Paton asks his listener to write the ending to their own understanding of what has happened and how they may be feeling during these 2 minutes and 55 seconds of tempestuous rhapsody:

“This first track that I’m releasing was written a long time ago, on a bashed up piano up in Scotland. I remember it was summer but it rained all day so I ended up playing the piano for hours. I came up with the chords but never finished the piece and only recently found the notes and chords to the track so I thought it was time to finally finish it.

I’ve always been interested in instrumental music and the gap it leaves for the listener to interpret. Bands such as Mogwai and Fuck Buttons have always been very inspiring and the atmospheres that they create with their songs.”

Words of Karla Harris


  1. This is absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing.


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