HAUS - 'Gave You All' (Single)

Tottenham five-piece HAUS release intense and profound indie rock single 'Gave You All’, taken from their upcoming EP. 

'Gave You All' opens with a sparse industrial-esque looped arrangement where the first 12 seconds sees the track slowly sputter to life before Ashley Mulimba's intense vocals synch with fuzzed-out bass, uneasy drum beats and atmospheric guitar riffs as  Mulimba's distinctive, soulful, voice bites out the first few lines of the song, "I've got this lump in my throat, if I speak I'm gonna choke, like my lungs won't let me breathe" indicating for the first time that the hazy weight hanging over the track's arrangements is paired with the tension in the lyrical content.

Despite its ability to conjure intense emotions, 'Gave You All' almost creeps in inconspicuously like a morning mist, where you don't feel its full impact until you are right in the middle of it, only becoming aware of what misshapen shadows are looming ahead of you one hurried, nervous, footstep at a time.  That's what HAUS do, they walk you through 'Gave You All' with a revealing intimacy that hacks away at your emotions, makes you feel anxious, give you lighter moments of hope on the horizon, but never strays far from the drama and the tension of the chorus, "I gave you all I could give to you, standing there while you watch me drown, now you're lost and you'll never be found".

'Gave You All' is an energetic yet unrushed, tangible and intricate track that pulls you into its deepest folds without overwhelming you, despite being built to seduce and evoke fiery, raw, feeling. This is pop music that treads off the beaten path, influenced by Hip Hop, Electronic, and Rock  and we can't get enough of it.

Words of Karla Harris

Live Dates
21st - Brighton, Komedia
22nd - Nottingham, Bodega
23rd - Bristol, Louisiana
25th - Manchester, Sound Control
with support from Plaza.

Catch HAUS at the following festivals:

April 28th - Hit The North Festival, Newcastle
Apri 29th - Live at Leeds, Leeds
April 30th - Handmade Festival, Leicester
July 19th, Colours of Ostrava, Czech Republic

August 11th - Grape Festival, Slovakia
More to be announced...