George Ogilvie - 'Foreign Hands' (Single)

Canterbury-born singer songwriter George Ogilvie shares raw indie folk masterpiece, 'Foreign Hands'.
A lot of intelligence and emotion can be found within simplicity and George Ogilivie seems to understand this. 'Foreign Hands' instantly engages with a steady and measured percussive rhythm and understated, melodic guitar riffs, - this combination becomes a 12 second intro of slow burning, atmospheric intrigue before Ogilivie's vocals kick in. The type of voice that channels a raw and earthy, quavering distinctiveness. That contains a bittersweet, shredded warmth. Reminiscent of watching a beautiful sun setting over a particularly sorrowful and emotionally challenging day.

George Ogilvie is an affectative artist and songwriter, 'Foreign Hands' a no-frills and all-feels track, mammoth in its minimalism. There's no need for elaborate production and lavish layers. Organic melodies shrewdly twinkle and brood in the background as Ogilvie's noteworthy vocals, paint a defeated, weighed down narrative in search of  hope and faith. Looking forward to new beginnings. Opening up to the unknown. Fighting to survive, "I see a way out and I can hear an echo that begs to be followed, lord only knows where it's taking me".  Lord only knows where 2017 may lead, but all signs indicate that it  may well be a very prolific year for this well-deserving rising talent.

Words of Karla Harris

Produced by 2015 Mercury Prize-winning Jonathan Quarmby,  'Foreign Hands' is set for release on February 17th and you will be able to see George Ogilvie live as the confirmed support for Leo Stannard’s March 2017 tour.