Crywolf - 'Weight' (Single)

Photo credit: Dustin Hollywood
LA singer, songwriter and producer Crywolf releases heart-stirring new single, 'Weight'.
Incorporating mature emotion and creating thought-provoking moods within his production is nothing new for Crywolf (Justin Taylor Phillips) , who over the years has grow an impressive following off the back of his his intimate, melodic, and artsy experimental EDM and indie electronic releases.

However, new single 'Weight' sees Crywolf lay himself bare like never before. Hushed acoustic guitar lines support vulnerable, emotion-cracked vocals as Crywolf shifts the poetry from previous works found within his versatile electronic textures, onto his beautiful falsetto and his exposing lyricism.

As the track grows, subtle cries of Americana simmer in the background, before the emotion is kicked up a few more notches  debuting heavenly and ethereal atmospherics and layered vocal harmonies.

On the track Crywolf explains, "'Weight' is about the complex feeling of wanting to open up to someone, but also being terrified of giving parts of yourself away".

With a new EP on the horizon, I'm really looking forward to what else is to come from such a special and versatile artist.

Words of Karla Harris