Clairity - 'Pyrokinesis' (Piano Vocal) (Single)

Nashville singer songwriter Clairity shares considered and highly flammable new single, 'Pyrokinesis'.

Opening the track with a sense of  whimsy in its cheery piano melody, it's not long before Clairity's captivating sing-song vocals come in with the first line of the song, "we could set the world on fire using only our minds, pyrokinesis we hurt each other without trying", quickly flagging from the beginning 'Pyrokenesis' displays a brilliant dichotomy between lighthearted glee and sombre heartache.

Yes. this is another song that takes on the universal themes of dysfunctional relationships and a mutually destructive love. However, Clairity is a game changer, imaginatively and intelligently exploring this over told theme veiled in creative metaphors, dabbling with the supernatural, psychic theme of pyrokinesis, clocking up 4 minutes and 13 seconds of enthralling, fire-themed imagery.

The truth is, 'Pyrokinesis' is a track that colludes within itself, traversing through many raw moods and emotions with unlimited charm. Clairity's vocals are powerful in the most understated of way. There's this beautiful and peculiar timbre to her voice that makes you want to catch the sound of it and keep it in a bottle by your bedside table (or maybe just be normal and buy/stream/support her singles).

Overall,  this is a very accomplished piano vocal, measured in its delivery, thoughtful in its composition, noteworthy in its entirety, brought to us by a shrewdly talented and intriguing artist. Clairity is one of those singer songwriters you just get addicted to. Be it through a stripped back rendition like this where you see a whole new side to her, or through the many stunning and flourishing layers of vibrant experimental pop present in her remarkable fuller singles streaming on soundcloud like 'Words Like Weapons' and 'Love In The Light'.

Words of Karla Harris

You can add 'Pyrokinesis' to your Spotify playlists and check out more music by Clairity, here.