Cajsa Siik -'Talk To Trees' (Single)

 Cajsa Siik reveals 'Talk To Trees', the first single taken from her upcoming third studio album, 'DOMINO'.

'Talk To Trees' is the first track to be lifted from 'DOMINO' and it is significant to me in that it is the first song I ever heard of Sweden's Cajsa Siik.

Influences spill out from upbeat, forward-thinking, wobbly indie pop textures, to hazy 70s soft rock melodies which makes you think of  Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks with an intricate and current twist. Cajsa's vocals are pure and dreamily float above the catchy, full soundscape that features the input of Thomas Hedlund (Phoenix, Cult of Luna) and Rasmus Kellerman (Tiger Lou) on instrumentation.

Lyrically, the song echoes some of the more warped and conflicted textures in the soundscape. The track's theme documents a love based on illusion where everything is great whilst it is hidden behind a veil of unreality, "Floating on a dream, somewhere in between, dancing through the tree tops, to somewhere else",  then the veil falls and reality kicks in, "What about the truth love? Let's stop fighting, let's stop faking, love" and as everything beings to unravel, the narrator is hit with the bitter understanding that sadly, everything was never really as pretty as it seemed, "reflections of a past covered up in glitter". 

With two critically acclaimed albums already under her belt, 'Talk To Trees' is a very good taster of what is to come from the new album, showcasing a bolder, fuller and bigger sound.

Words of Karla Harris