BRVTHR - 'War' (Single)

Songwriting and production duo BRVTHR shares lovingly crafted, sprawling debut single, 'War'.
It is under a shroud of anonymity that newcomers BRVTHR  makes their introduction, opting to let their debut single be the point of focus, instead of the biographies of the creators behind the sound and we are okay with that.

'War' is an intricate and thoughtful piece of music combining emotion, elegance and intrigue. Haunting layers of subtle,  ghostly, electronic experimentation interweaves through evocative, organic instrumentation, giving a really admirable edge which sets the track apart from being a very likeable, emotive pop-laden track you have heard in various formats a million times before.

Beautiful lyricism lingers in the air through an impassioned and sincere vocal delivery adding a raw emotion to the piece, "Sometimes I wish we were there for each other... Sometimes I wish we could kiss through the chaos, let our lips chase our fears off." cries the lead singer, connecting with a startlingly relatable clarity, as the duo explains:

“'War', BRVTHR's debut release, is a tale of the search for calmness amidst chaos, longing for peace amongst struggle. This track is a reminder that though life is full of the monstrosities of war, if you so seek, you may always find a sliver of light, even in a world of darkness".

Words of Karla Harris

'War' is out now and currently available as a free download, here.


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