Born Stranger X Caitlyn Scarlett - 'Cheating Love' (Single)

Born Stranger teams up with Caitlyn Scarlett on 'Cheating Love', a single conveying a couple contemplating their commitment to each other.

'Cheating Love' is a groove-driven upbeat pop jam, where Born Stranger and Caitlyn Scarlett collaborate effortlessly yet still work a charm with the track's infectious qualities, merging Caitlyn’s sporadic note choices and Born Stranger’s compelling lyricicsm and beat craft.

Portraying a situation from two peoples points of view, the track is a sort-of play on words where the phrase of ‘cheating love’ could be seen in a similar way of ‘cheating death’. The song could suggest that the personas in the song have "cheated" love, just missing falling in love.

This is a staggering effort from these two artists and I can’t wait to see what releases they both have in store for the future.

Words of Marge