The Band Explains: Worry Dolls - 'Bless Your Heart' (Single)

London based indie folk duo, Worry Dolls speak to us about their tongue-in-cheek new single, 'Bless Your Heart'.

Worry Dolls is the project of  Zoe Nicol (vocals/banjo) & Rosie Jones (vocals/guitar) and 'Bless Your Heart' is the first single from Worry Dolls’ debut album, 'Go Get Gone'. The single is available now on all outlets via Bread and Butter Music.
Comprised of Rosie & Zoe’s distinctive harmonies and honest, tongue-in cheek lyrics on a dark backdrop of rootsy, indie, folk rock, 'Bless Your Heart' also feature Wild Ponies, with whom the track was co-written.

The Band Explains:
"'Bless Your Heart' embodies our joint pact to steer away from writing cliché love songs. It’s packed full of satire and is the most sarcastic song on our debut album. It’s about that dark and brooding guy, who’s always very attractive at the beginning of a relationship - but that mysteriousness turns into a different reality where he just can’t, and won’t, let anyone in. It’s about warning the new girlfriend what she’s getting herself into. It touches on a darker truth that isn’t sugar-coated and made shiny around the edges.

We flew out to Nashville for the first time back in April 2015, a complete life changing experience for the two of us. We were so inspired, and pouring out ideas for songs. We’d been exploring the sites and learning the southern slang, noting down a few phrases that really resonated with us. We were told that “bless your heart” translated to “you’re an idiot”. Southern hospitality at its best - we knew this had to be a song!

The beauty of 'Bless Your Heart' is that it clearly shows our album story from start to finish. We found Wild Ponies (AKA Doug & Telisha Williams) through an Under the Apple Tree session on YouTube and asked them to write with us. They played a massive part in the recording process as, through them, we found our drummer Megan Jane (we didn’t have to look very far, she plays for them) and our producer Neilson Hubbard. Telisha played double bass and Doug played electric guitar on the record - we even managed to catch them whilst on tour in the UK and film the video together. It was an inspiring collaboration."

Feature by Karla Harris