The Artist Explains: PLEXXAGLASS - 'Liar' (Single)

LA singer-songwriter PLEXXAGLASS speaks to us about the ideas behind her beautifully moving single, 'Liar'.
Spacious and atmospheric, 'Liar' is a profoundly brave and intimate piano-led track where PlEXXAGLASS' weary yet stunning vocals speak out to "anyone who struggles with mental illness, this is for those warriors. The liars". Through her remarkable vocals, personal lyrics and heart wrenching arrangements, 'Liar' is a breathtaking 4 minutes and 37 seconds of pain, honesty and raw, tangible emotion that hits you hard in the feelings.

"‘Liar’ is the most personal song I’ve ever written. As someone who struggles with bi-polar disorder, I often times feel as if I need to put on a ‘mask’ or lie during my every day life in order to be perceived as a functioning member of society. There is a great deal of stigma that surrounds mental health. I personally, wish that I could call out of work, siting the truth, which is, ‘I’m so depressed to the point that I can’t make it out of bed to even bathe…’ Unfortunately, most people aren’t able to be honest about that, because it is not taken seriously, and will resort to lying that they are ‘sick’. This song speaks to that, and my hope is that it speaks to others with similar struggles. Whether it be anxiety, depression, addiction, or other mental health struggles, I feel we all have experienced putting on ‘masks’, but for mental health sufferers it’s just plain survival."

Feature by Karla Harris