The Artist Explains: Lorenzo Tempesti - 'Third Positive Mood' (Video)

Italian composer Lorenzo Tempesti speaks to us about his beautiful and sombre contemporary classical single and music video, 'Third Positive Mood'.
'Third Positive Mood' is taken from the 16 track album, 'While The Others Sleep' which is out now. 

Lorenzo Tempesti Explains:
Where was the video for 'Third Positive Mood' filmed?
It was filmed in less than seven hours inside and outside a music school. This is situated in the countryside, just 15km from my house. It was the perfect location, since the park conveys the proper melancholic mood I was looking for and inside there is a very nice grand piano.

How does the video compliment the song?
The song was written after a time of mood swings. The video represents the two sides of personality: the former suffering from sadness and lassitude; the latter, positive and passionate, still lives in the depths of the heart. The story is about the search for the positive side, which is represented by the person inside the house.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Many! I met Francesco Marino two years ago, the director of the video, because we were both members of Couchsurfing willing to attend to an international meeting in Slovenia. Soon after that time, Francesco moved to Barcelona. It happened he wrote me he was coming back for Xmas holidays just in the days I was looking for somebody to release the video clip: I had not thought about him, what a chance! He embraced the project, but then he was very busy and missed my message with the script. The day he came to Italy we met for a beer and arranged the shooting: the next day we were on the field!
In the days of working on the video I got injured twice. The first time I cut my finger and for that reason it was impossible to shoot alternative clips of my hand sliding on a tree, as Francesco wanted. At some point I touched my white shirt but luckily it’s impossible to notice the blood spot! The day before my album’s premiere I fell down while practising aerial silk, I spent all the night at the hospital and luckily I could play at the premiere. But Francesco needed to come to my home with his laptop to discuss the last details of the editing.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
In my mind the video should have been all in black and white. But then Francesco, with the support of some other friends of us, insisted for underlining the different mood of the characters by the contrast between black and white and desaturated color: in the end it was a great idea! The photography is centred also on details: leaves, branches, feet, hands, etc. It was one of my first requests and I love the way it became reality in the video!

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
Well, I think it is quite obvious at this point: when you are down, remember that the positive part of you is only hidden somewhere: search and struggle to find it!

Interview feature by Karla Harris