The Artist Explains: DANiCA HUNTER - ' 'TYPiCAL' (Video)

British singer/songwriter DANiCA HUNTER talks to us about all things behind the scenes in the making of her music video for experimental, alternative soul pop single, 'TYPiCAL'.
'Typical' is DANiCA HUNTER's less than typical new single featuring a forward-thinking fusion of pop, soul,hip hop and R&B. Through use of distorted, heavy, low-fi production contrasted with DANiCA's soulful vocals, 'TYPiCaL' sees a refreshing artist pulling from a basket of vintage influences and weaving them into a very accessible and current sound.


Where was the video for 'TYPiCAL' filmed?
The video was filmed in various locations around East London,UK, but we decided just to wander the streets and find interesting places to shoot. The videographer, Danny Wonders, and Priscilla Owusu (on storyline/production) were the perfect creative guys to work with - we came up with a storyline and a rough vibe of location but we wanted to keep it real and not too structured. Although we planned to start filming in my bedroom, and finish at The Britain's Best Bagel, everything else in between was more or less unplanned and we just stopped here and there - the places we stumbled across were amazing - that's partly why I love living in London - I love spontaneity in the creative process!

How does the video compliment the song?
The song was quite experimental - it's something I like doing - fusions of pop, soul,hip hop and R&B. The producer, Fred Cox, and I liked the idea of the distorted, heavy, low-fi production in contrast to my vocals which would lift the track on the choruses - giving it a sort of old school vinyl sound almost. That's what we wanted to get across on the video too - a contrast of the grey, heavy streets of London but with the amazing colourful areas of graffiti and the bright clothing and fun factor. I am a serious songwriter and have written a lot of heavier stuff but I also like my music to lift the spirit - the whole thing from song to video was designed for that purpose.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Well one thing that brightened up our day was when we were filming the graffiti scenes, in recreational areas, there was a homeless man who just spontaneously joined in the singing - before long he was dancing with me - we were all laughing together and dancing and that's what music does - it brings us all together!

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
The idea behind the song and the video was to get across the message that you don't have to be 'Typical' - you have to self express and be yourself. In my case it was to bring a great deal of fun to the video and to play with the idea of contrasting the dark and heavy production and grim streets with uplifting and colourful, playful scenes and encouraging lighter vocals in the chorus. Danny managed to capture this contrast perfectly - we even added a little Mannequin Challenge for fun.

What message do you hope people take away from watching the vid?
The main message is that you don't have to be 'Typical' - you don't have to conform to peer pressure or other people's expectations of who you should be. Be yourself - have fun - you're unique!

Interview by Karla Harris