Swan Levitt - 'You Were Human' (Single)

English singer-songwriter Swan Levitt tells a science fiction inspired love story with new cut, 'You Were Human'.
Being a big fan of acoustic folk music, even I will readily admit it can be hard going to find an acoustic folk track that has that special something that sets it apart from its contemporaries. Even seeping with emotion, acoustic folk  can, quite simply, be described as boring and I have a few people at When The Horn Blows who would readily argue, "what is the point of the genre?".

Whilst the response to the question above does not come with a simple answer as such, acoustic folk is multi faceted genre, however, Swan Levitt's, "You Were Human' is a great example of contemporary acoustic-led folk pop that thinks slightly outside of the box.

Swan Levitt covers new lyrical ground, at least for this particular genre as he explains, "'You Were Human' is a science fiction love story inspired by classic Sci-fi movies and novels. The song depicts a relationship between Human and man-made Android AI. However, they can’t be together. Ironically it’s the human that has flaws and emotional limitations.”

Despite its fictitious nature, the track remains emotive and engaging. With earthy, emotionally wrought vocals and imaginative lyrics, simplistic guitar melodies that flourish into cinematic, sophisticated melodies and subtle electronics - 'You Were Human'  may be a futuristic, fantasist love story, albeit a powerful one, serving to heighten the reality of how flawed humanity is as a species, especially up against the rise of flawless technological advancement.

Words of Karla Harris
Swan Levitt is currently recording his debut album at Studio Humbug on the Isle of Wight with up and coming production duo, Boe Weaver. ‘You Were Human’ is out now via Organ Records.