The Band Explains: Retro Youth - 'Hometown Homesick' (Video)

UK rock trio Retro Youth speak to us about the ideas behind the stunning visuals for current single, 'Hometown Homesick'.
'Hometown Homesick' is taken from the band's forthcoming debut album B.R.A.V.E which is due for release on 3rd February via American label Independent Ear Records.

Retro Youth Explains:
Where was the video for 'Hometown Homesick' filmed?
At the time of the video shoot we were living in North Wales and as such had access to all this beautiful countryside and landscapes for shooting, so we shot the performance aspect of Hometown Homesick on Black Rock Sands in Porthmadog (Co-incidentally the beach used for the album artwork for 'This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours' by the Manic Street Preachers). The other sections were shot in sunny Llandudno. (Home of tea-rooms and vicious seagulls).

How does the video compliment the song?
I think the summer vibes of the video really fit with the upbeat dancy-ness of the song, Jay Hillyer (Director/Videographer) did a stunning job of the visuals and the aesthetic and really brought all of our ideas together. Luckily for us the weather stayed sunny the entire day too!

Any behind the scenes stories?
Behind the scenes-wise the beach was crazy busy on the day, several old ladies and vehicles stopped in camera shot to gawp and ask questions so quite a few takes had to be re-done. Also if you look closely Robin and I (Kris) are visible in the train station scene as extras and also hiding almost out of camera shot during the 360 angle. We had a really hands on approach to shooting and directed the majority of the acted scenes so we're usually JUST off camera waving our arms around and shouting instructions.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
Well as we said before we really wanted a summer vibe to the whole thing so the beach was a must, the filter Jay shot in also helped convey that sense of warmth and fun in what we were trying to create with use of colours and grading. Thematically we wanted the look of the video to reflect the feel of the song and the events transpiring; that's why the filter changes when we switch from performance shot to story-line. There's a real feeling of anticipation during the song itself and the video works well with that as it builds up to our reveal at the end.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
The video and the song kinda go hand in hand with the messages that they're conveying, I won't spoil the reveal but the idea of couples running away together isn't a new one, however we've added a twist on the cliche' to highlight some of the issues people are still facing in parts of the modern world that should have been resolved a long time ago. We wrote it back when everything was changing for us and the more we thought about it and picked apart our feelings the more we realised that we didn't really recognise anyone or anything in the places we grew up in anymore, and that it was time for a change. It's a song about love, for friends, loved ones etc and the need to escape stagnation and what better way to convey that than with a story about lovers running away together!

Interview feature by Karla Harris