Nightair - 'Jamie' (Single)

Californian 4-piece Nightair shares new upbeat indie rock gem, 'Jamie' - a song that explores the idea of loving what someone is, rather than who they are.

In a world in which, who has the most likes, followers and pictures of themselves on the internet determines your social status, a lot of artists have taken pen to paper to express how unnecessary this is.

Nightair bring somewhat of an upbeat twist on the situation with new single 'Jamie'. A big fuzzy bass line accompanied by joyful guitar tones and a uniquely pleasing vocal that takes me back to the early days of The Vaccines, all come together to form what I believe could be a huge hit for these guys.

Whilst lyrically, you may not wish to listen to this around your nan, the message still gets across. The song follows a girl, Jamie, who dates different people for different statuses that respective relationships can give her. Why the name 'Jamie' you may ask, well the band explain "We chose the name Jamie because it is genderless and could apply to men and women. (We certainly did not want to discriminate!)".

With this form of upbeat indie music starting to battle it's way back into our lives, Nightair are striking at a very good time. If the band can continue producing hits of this nature, can turn social issues into something we enjoy hearing about AND are thoughtful towards discrimination... I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!

Words of Project92