MONA - live @ The Lexington 19/01/2017

Ant Adams Photography catches MONA live on the London leg of their recent UK/European tour at a sold out The Lexington.

Tonight is cold, and I mean like really...fucking....cold.

The fact that anyone decided to leave their warm house is beyond me, especially when the whole back catalogue of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is now on Netflix. MONA not only managed to get people to leave their homes on this frosty evening, but they sold out their headline show at The Lexington in the process. The Nashville outfit keep telling the crowd this evening that they feel at home here, in London. In-between songs they chat away to random people in the crowd individually like they are best pals and have known each other for years. Humble and gentlemen-like if you ask me.

MONA throw song after song at the audience tonight, with blistering riffs and raspy vocals across the board. Reminding me of the early excitement of when The Strokes came on the scene, unadulterated powerhouse guitar rock. With the house going mental for 'The Middle', MONA refer to it as the song that goes back to how they started as a band and it seems everyone in the room knows the lyrics off by heart as a mass sing-along starts.

So with the option of back-to-back episodes of Will Smith or catching this band smash out a sold-out show in North London, we can safely say that the Fresh Prince lost this time round.

Mona - The Lexington - London - 19.01.2017