Masha Maria - 'Homes' (EP)

Dutch-born, Canada-based Singer-Songwriter Masha Maria releases her debut EP, 'Homes'.

Sometimes we find home in the very heart of the people we meet and not just the places we reside and this is the premise of Masha Maria's debut EP, 'Homes'.

'Homes' is a 5-track cinematic folk-pop masterpiece full of loveliness,documenting heartfelt tales of nostalgia, heartbreak, reflection, new beginnings and discovery.  Each track explores the ever-changing definition of what constitutes home and how we move on when we lose those familiar places and feeling or how we adapt to new ones.

Dreamy and spacious,and pulling on the natural elements, each track takes on a fluid motion flowing through crystal clear melodies and transformative rhythms as Masha Maria's heavenly vocals transfix against a backdrop of stunningly evocative arrangements.

From songs like 'Heavy Heart' with its rolling rhythm and breathy vocals, to 'Up North' and its gentle whispers and emotive arrangements, Masha Maria injects devastating beauty into each of the tracks on the EP, taking her listener on an ethereal and insightful journey of both the heart and the mind.

Words of Karla Harris