Spritely - 'Miles' (Single)

LA indie rock outfit Spritely returns with thoughtful new offering, ' Miles'.
When we were introduced to Spritely back in October with the release of 'A Little Bit Broken' we were instantly wowed by lead singer Jillian Lavin's exceptional vocal delivery, the raw vulnerability of her lyrics and the profound arrangements of her band that are so sadly beautiful, so affecting and haunting that you want to press play over and over again to feel the  relentless rush of emotion and the realness.

What Spritely do is magnetise a response from their listeners and 'Miles' comes with the strongest pull yet. A shuddering  3 minutes 26 seconds of  elegant disquietude  - 'Miles' is an incredibly tender and thoughtful testimony of true friendship. This is a song dedicated to a loved one with severe depression, born from a time where all other words and actions failed to find connectivity in a time of heartbreaking worry and distress.

Jillian Lavin has a knack for bravely taking her most personal and intimate feelings and stories and putting them out there to the world in such a way that the people on the receiving end understand and relate. While it's important to understand that the impact of mental health conditions can be 24/7, 7 days a week,365 days of the year for many - Spritely could not have brought this single out at a better time. While the turning of a new year can bring hope, optimism and new exciting chapters for some, this significant passage of time brings fear, apprehension, unknowing and despair for others.

So now is the perfect time to regroup, check on your loved ones, check on yourself and if words are failing. If actions aren't working. Turn to music. There's a song out there for you. People like Spritely are making them.

Words of Karla Harris

If you are concerned for yourself or a loved ones mental health, please seek support via the following links:
UK: Time To Change List of Useful Organisations
USA: NAMI Find Support