Last Builders Of Empire - 'The Ruler Was the Ocean' (Single)

Boston-based Post-Rock/all-things-Instrumental merchants Last Builders Of Empire shares 'The Ruler Was the Ocean', the lead single and second track taken from their new 5-Track EP, 'Hades'.

Taken from their latest Greek mythology-themed release, 'The Ruler Was the Ocean' is an intriguing, relatively short (certainly in post-rock terms) build of genre-typifying, reverb-drenched guitar lines, which rapidly moves through the gears into a zone of lush atmospherics. To be fair, such a definition could describe 99% of post-rock tracks.However, it’s delivery is one of focused efficiency, with the effective chord sequences pretty evocative despite their rapid introduction. And with that, almost tantalising the listener, a surprisingly abrupt ending hits home all too soon.

Fading out in a screech of noise, at a time when it feels things are just getting started, the track certainly acts as a teaser by hurriedly leaving with more questions than answers. What follows next? Are things back into a quiet, more refrained setting? Or has the momentum initiated by ‘The Ruler Was The Ocean’ provided a platform for even-more-epic music heights? ‘Hades’ is out now and its 5-track entirety sheds a huge amount of light on answering the above questions.

Words of @DS_convertible