Hume - 'Somewhere Out There' (Single)

Nashville Indie Pop artist Hume gets contemplative with new track, 'Somewhere Out There'.

True agnosticism  often rears its open minded yet uncertain head in the midst of an existential crisis and Hume's 'Somewhere Out There' is a deeply profound lyrical journey in search of purpose and faith. As Hume calls out to the existence of an uncertain deity, waves of  emotional carthasis follow through a combination of bleak, emotive atmospherics and optimistic rushes of uplifting rays of light and hope.

On the track Hume explained to us:  “I had just moved back to Nashville when I wrote 'Somewhere Out There' and was in a pretty dark place. For projects of mine in the past, I used to draw inspiration from girls, heartbreak, and the typical lyrical content you might find in pop music. But now that I’m in my late 20’s, I’m starting to dive into the deeper questions about my life through songwriting. What am I doing here? Does God, if there is such an entity, ever reveal the plot? Has he given this place much thought? I think this song was the first reflection of those questions.'

The real beauty of 'Somewhere Out There' is that it leaves its listener holding a mirror up to their own truths, challenging their own desires, considering their own feelings of displacement either physically, emotionally, or both and trying to make sense of it all in the process. Hume has a way of finding real connectivity with his audience by tapping into their deepest, most hidden emotions and that's a very special gift.

Words of Karla Harris