Q&A: An interview with The Final Clause of Tacitus


Ahead of the release of their upcoming EP, 'Peace In Chaos', we caught up with lead vocalist Matt of Reading four-piece The Final Clause of Tacitus and talked about the EP itself, the band's accomplishments so far in the relatively short amount of time since their conception, their upcoming tour, critic comparisons, Jazzy Jeff from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and a whole lot more!

"The Final Clause of Tacitus" is definitely the most interesting, albeit obscure band name I think we’ve heard in a while. I’m sure you get this question a lot but how did it come about? What’s with the enigma?
Well to be honest, it started when the band was first formed by guitarist (Tom) and Drummer (Luke), Luke asked Tom to think of a name for the band, something short and sweet. So of course, Tom did quite the opposite. Tom loves to teach people, as it means he knows something they don’t, not that he has an ego problem or anything…
Anyway, when Tom told us the meaning, we decided that keeping it secret was more interesting than the meaning itself and we still stick by that.

 How would you describe your music to people just discovering you?
We get told a lot that we are what can only be described as the love child of Rage Against The Machine and the Chilli Peppers. We are a fast paced, energetic, in your face combination of funk, rock and rap. Essentially, everything we find exciting.

New year, new EP - what was your favourite part about the recording process?
On a personal level for me, it was spending the time with the band, creating something beautiful together. I think we would all agree that having Al Heslop there (Creative Control Studios) was actually our favourite part though – he is a good friend to Tom and besides that, he did an amazing job and really helped us push this record to the best result possible! Nothing beats getting the final tracks though and hearing the how all the hard work has come out.

TFCoT is still a relatively new band, having only started up in December 2015. Looking back on the past year, what have been your biggest accomplishments both individually and as a band?
2016 was a crazy year for us, from our first gig in February we achieved so much in a short space of time. We supported 90’s hip hop legends Crazy Town and also Electric 6, which was possibly our best show to date? Playing for Skindred in November has to have a mention as well because that was a lot of fun, and the Skindred guys were awesome!

Where do you see yourselves in another year’s time?
Next year we would have liked our EP to have taken off a bit and even release some new music, but really we are looking to play some bigger festivals and get a decent tour under our wings with some cool bands.

What’re you most looking forward to about your upcoming UK tour, especially as you’ve only been gigging under this moniker since February 2016?
We can’t wait to tour as The Final Clause of Tacitus, as not only will these shows be crazy as funk (see what I did there?) but, also we have a right laugh with each other - I can’t wait for Luke to wake up with no eye brows….keeping it tame. Also, the best part of touring is always the crowd response. Seeing the fans rock out just makes it what it is.

Other critics and publications have compared TFCOT to Hackivist, Rage Against The Machine and other iconic names. Who are some of your influences?
We definitely have some RATM influences and of course RHCP, but, other influences that have crept in are the Beastie Boys, Hed PE and oddly enough, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince!

Your recently got involved with the industry-wide fundraising campaign for the TeamRock staff who lost their jobs after the company went into administration. Why did you feel this was important? And how do you feel knowing the company has been bought following its administration?
They played such a big part in helping build up new bands and to keep people connected to their favourite bands. Whether to be a part of the fundraiser or not wasn't even a question to us. It was a huge loss to the industry and we were so happy when we heard the news, I mean obviously, our track being on the compilation is what reeeally kept them in business!

What else do we need to know about TFCoT?
Well apart from details like our single ‘Give them Blood’ being released 27th January and the EP on 24th February, what you need to know is when we are playing our next live show and how you can come join in with the funky fun! Check out our facebook and bandsintown and come see for

Interview by Jess McPhee