COTE - 'Cruel' (Single)

New York singer songwriter COTE reveals heartfelt and hazy new single 'Cruel'.
Opening with gentle psychedelia, COTE's 'Cruel' is a whirlpool of dreamy arrangements and lush production that may trick you into a relaxed and cheerful state, if not for COTE's remarkable, downtrodden vocals and the understated yet turbulent direction the track inhabits as it unfurls.

Cruel' is a conflicted track both sonically and thematically which tells a story of internal struggle, loneliness and vulnerability. The track is pulled in two directions, suspended between two states of mind; one side reflected in the swirling, airy arrangements that act as a disconnected reality and the other side of the coin - the realisation of seeing everything for what it is, which is reflected through bouts of searing, angry, leading guitars, heavy drums and urgent synth.

I really like the way COTE touches upon both emotional and sonic disruption in her music with an air of melodic class and elegance. How she makes dated influences very relevant and accessible and how she has a vocal timbre that is instantly recognisable and enchanting. 'Cruel' is the fourth track to be revealed from COTE's forthcoming debut album - an album whose release is most eagerly anticipated.

Words of Karla Harris