Cage the Elephant - live @ 02 Academy Brixton, London 20/01/2017

Kentucky lads Cage the Elephant started a stampede at London's O2 Academy Brixton and Ant Adams Photography was there to witness as the band sold out their biggest London show to date, with support from Spring King and Declan McKenna.

The weather is cold, and outside the venue is a burst water main, but that hasn't stopped the crowd getting there early for the sold out night we have ahead of us. With a queue flowing around the block and across the road, huddling together tightly to keep their bodies warm. The doors open and the excitement begins to kick in, because, well, Cage the..fucking...Elephant.

Declan McKenna opens up this evening by diving into the crowd midway through his set, kicking the gradually filling up venue into hysterics. Spring King follow soon after setting off the first circle pit at the night, sounding like early Beatles thrown into a washing machine.

I look at my clock and it's only 9:30pm. I've already seen people pulled out of the crowd due to being crushed and at one point the staff going into a state of emergency as a stage security fence falls apart due to the rowdy crowd. I think to myself, what  is this madness? And then on walks Cage the Elephant.

The place turns into a wild party of beer throwing circle pits! Bodies flying every where, and this is just the band let alone the crowd. Matt Shultz is pulling shapes worthy of the early Mick Jagger and never seems to stand still. The crowd pelt the lyrics to their songs back at him as he organises them like an extreme cult. Obeying his every word as the band erupt into hit after beastly hit.

They say lions run the jungle, but this evening, Cage the Elephant claimed that crown, the kings of the modern indie scene.
Cage the Elephat
Cage the Elephant - Brixton Academy - London - 20.01.2017

Spring King:Spring King - Brixton Academy - London - 20.01.2017

Declan McKenna:
Declan Mckenna - Brixton Academy - London - 20.01.2017