The Artist Explains: Okudaxij - 'wtf' (Video)

Indie folk singer-songwriter Okudaxij speaks to us about the ideas behind his music video for 'wtf' - a song about hope and addiction.
'wtf' is taken from Okudaxij's second EP 'Fear of Pleasure' which is out now on bandcamp.

Okudaxij Explains:
Where was the video for 'wtf' filmed?
My roommate and I filmed the video in and around our apartment and the surrounding neighborhood (Pico-Union, a small section of Los Angeles).

How does the video compliment the song?
'wtf' is about addiction and the endless quest for purpose in a meaningless world. It tries to stay optimistic against all odds, and the video feels conflicted, too.

Any behind-the-scenes stories?
My feet hurt really bad after filming...we shot it in a few hours and I insisted on being barefoot the whole time. Also I swept up broken glass for several days afterwards (after smashing the beer bottle).

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?Marijuana, cigarettes and alcohol were my primary addictions this past year, so I wanted to show myself giving them up in an especially dramatic way. Ironically, this was my first time smoking tobacco in a few months and it got me hooked again for a few weeks. Drugs are scary.

What is the message you hope people take away from watching, 'wtf'?
There's more to life than consumption, looking forward to your next fix never fills the void for too long, go outside and meet new people. Basically all the preachy cliches I already knew before I chose to dive into drugs anyway. I graduated from college a few years ago and real life was a real drag because I carried unrealistic expectations of both myself and others. I fell into my first serious depression and the only things that brought me back were my friends, family and music. Oh and basketball, I live for pick-up bball. I guess, don't forget that people love you - drugs and tv do not.

Interview feature by Karla Harris