Ailbhe Reddy - 'Relent' (Single)

Ailbhe Reddy reveals raw and atypic approach to mainstream indie folk through sensational new single, 'Relent'.

To say that Ailbhe Reddy wears her heart on her sleeve is an understatement. What she does through 'Relent' is hold her heart in her hands and offer it up for inspection.  Opening the track with minimal backing is a haunting and very sensible approach. It gives a wonderful platform for her raw and assured, soulful vocals to hook her listener in.

On first listen, Ailbhe leaves her audience unsure of the direction the track will take. Is this the introduction to a bluesy, jazzy number?  No. As the song welcomes more layers, it builds upon dark atmospherics, adds glorious aesthetics, and calls upon traditional folk seemingly waltzing through the conflicted nature of the seasonal weather. Sometimes warm, sometimes overcast, sometimes downright bitter.

There's a frosty passion to her vocals that grows stronger and more ragged oozing confidence and  spine tingling textures, thawing only to let the light of morbid and contemplative curiosity in, in the wake of a deceased relationship.

"'Relent' is about looking back on a soured relationship & realising how it could have been, seeing the lessons and my own shortcomings as part of the story,” says Ailbhe. “The song was written as an attempt to express this and move forward from it. To sweeten what has soured and move on without guilt."

It's always very exciting when an artist like Ailbhe Reddy comes along with such fiery determination and stand-out sensibility that sees her songs hold the power to set the human soul alight, leaving you wanting to feel that burn, bathe in that glow, over and over again.

Words of Karla Harris

‘Relent,’ is due for release February 10 to coincide with Ailbhe's UK live debut on 15th February at  London's The Servant Jazz Quarters.