The Video Explained: Tor Miller - 'Always'

Rising singer-songwriter Tor Miller has unveiled the visuals for his new single ‘Always’,  directed by award-winning filmmaker Fern Berresford.
 'Always' is a bold and impassioned soulful pop track with a catchy upbeat chorus and sophisticated vocals, due for release 13 January 2017.  The video was shot in Greenwich foot tunnel in the early hours of the morning.

The Video Eplained:
"The video for 'Always' is about the conflicting views the main character has on his current situation and the person he thinks he still loves,” says Tor. “Working with Fern was a great experience. We wanted to portray the conflicting emotions within the song, envisioning the tunnel as a sort of nightmare, which keeps looping - being haunted by apparitions of your significant other, questioning your future together. I think it’s my best video to date.”

Feature by Karla Harris