The Artist Explains: Rob Carroll - 'Rope'

New York-based singer-songwriter Rob Carroll speaks to us about the ideas behind his catchy rock single and performance music video, 'Rope'.
'Rope' is taken from the album 'Room Without A View' which is out now and available via Bandcamp.

Rob Carroll Explains:
"'Rope' was one of those songs that came together very quickly. The chords and melody just seemed to write themselves. It's also one of the heavier songs on the album and has some of my favourite guitar parts in it. The solo section started out as a vocal melody that I could never come up with words for. So, instead of trying to force something that wasn't working, I decided to make it a guitar feature and developed the section around that idea. This was also the most frustrating solo for me to record on the entire album and took me forever to get it perfect.

The music video for this song was actually filmed in my basement. I had a friend help me with some of the shots, but the rest I filmed and edited myself. I wanted the focus of this video to be performance based. Lyrically there's not much tying the video to the song, but it's a concept that I found very interesting. People often use different vices to cope with problems in their life, but eventually those vices become bigger problems than they initially had. I think on some level that's an idea most people can relate to."

Feature by Karla Harris