The Artist Explains: Katie Burden 'Run For Your Life'

LA -based psych pop phenomenon Katie Burden speaks to us in-depth about the concept behind her anxiety provoking music video for 'Run For Your Life'.
'Run For Your Life'  is taken from the album 'Strange Moon' out now via Cautionary Tail Records.

Katie Burden Explains:
Where was the video for 'Run For Your Life' filmed?
We filmed the video out in the Mojave Desert.

How does the video compliment the song?
The song was inspired by this 90’s movie called “Run Lola Run”. The lyrics are a pretty straight ahead description of the film which is essentially one long chase scene. The movie is very anxiety provoking and I wanted to elicit the same reaction with the music video. The music video is the same in that it depicts a girl getting chased but with an allegorical, sort of dream like feel to it.

Any behind the scenes stories?
The weekend we filmed was one of the hottest on record with temperatures in the low 100’s. A few days leading up to the shoot there was a definite sense of foreboding because we knew that the three actors would be wearing polyester suits and masks all day. The boon of the day was Saira, the wardrobe designer who refused to be on set if we didn’t have some sort of a shaded area to hang out. This initiated the purchase of a shaded tarp thing which ended up being a total saving grace. Another moment that stands out is when we were shooting the scene where I get lassoed like an animal and pulled to the ground. I knew the scene was happening but I hadn’t really considered how it was going to be done. For some reason I didn’t picture that I was actually going to be lassoed by Bryce the production designer and pulled to the ground. I was definitely scared so I knew it would read well on screen. It hurt, blood was drawn, but it was worth it.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery use?
The concept of the film was built around these hand made masks I found on FB one night. The artist Chelsea Bayouth makes these charming and beautifully crafted monster masks that reminded me of Jim Henson who’s work I’ve always adored. We decided to turn the masks into these personalities that would read as tribal, witchdoctor demon people. The scene shows a girl (me) trying to escape from the hands of these creatures who are trying to turn her into one of their own. At the end of the video we see me transform into one of them and we watch the whole chase scene get repeated again as though we are trapped in this purgatorial loop.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
The song is supposed to be upbeat and fun but I wanted the the video to paint this added layer of anxiety and fear. It seems to me that every human life has a challenge or theme that they are called to confront over and over again. It can not be ignored away but requires you to address it in order for it to be resolved. To me the video is about this type of struggle and reminds me of an article I read years ago in a psychology magazine. The article was about the common reoccurring dream of being chased. The author said that if one can recognize they are dreaming and are able to stop running and turn around to face the pursuer the dreams will stop for good.

Interview Feature By Karla Harris