Listen: Σtella - 'I'll Never Be' (Single)

Greek singer/songwriter Σtella shares mesmerising melancholy pop single  'I’ll Never Be'.

Reeled in by its slinking looped rhythm Σtella's 'Ill Never Be' is an understated yet effective indie pop track that has found the perfect balance between ominous and upbeat.

In her own words  Σtella explains, “'Ill Never Be' is a song about absence. The distance from things we were never close to, or never will be. Relationships we failed to have and experiences we'll never be a part of."

There's something modestly quirky about the rhythm and melody, sublimely worming its way into its listener's emotions as as Σtella's warm yet sombre vocals navigate their way through a hazy minimal soundscape, cataloguing all the things that never quite came to be.

Words of Karla Harris