Kate Tempest - live @ Roundhouse, London 11/12/2016

This month,  Kate Tempest returned to perform at the Roundhouse following the release of her highly anticipated new album 'Let Them Eat Chaos' and Ant Adams Photography was there to soak it all in.

The first time someone mentioned the words Kate Tempest to me was when she went on a spoken word tour with Scroobius Pip a few years ago, where I witnessed her spit some words at me in a small function room above a pub in Newcastle. There must of been about thirty or so people there. And what now? A mercury nominated album and a sold out show at Camden's finest Roundhouse venue. On her London home turf.

Serious how did this happen? I don't think even Kate knows herself as she walks on stage and mumbles the words "FUUUUCKKKKKK!"

I've never heard of a performer who has worked their craft so hard like this woman has, from her early days to playing to whoever would listen, on street corners or in pubs. She has played almost everywhere, "I've even performed in the foyer here!" she tells the crowd. "I remember standing outside this venue thinking that one day I would play it. And here we are. And we have sold it out. Thank you so much" She explains to the crowd.

Fueled with emotion, she asks the crowd to not get their phones out during her set so that we can all mutually experience something together, as she performs her album 'Let Them Eat Chaos' in full from start to finish. She roars about the stage, hitting every line on the beat like her heart bleeds it into her system. When she comes to the end she is borderline in tears, overwhelmed by it all.

I leave the venue with a constant smile on my face which last the whole journey home, and why? Because I know that in that sold out room in Camden, I was among the few people that had been there.
The night that Tempest stormed Camden, the night she roared, the night she did it.
And yes Kate!
Fuck Yes!

Kate Tempest - Roundhouse Camden - 11.12.2016