Introducing: Okoren - 'Marley' (ft. Jarrett Burns)

Okoren pushes our worries to one side with uplifting electronic single, 'Marley' (Ft. Jarrett Burns).

Inspired by Bob Marley and his honest musical ethos that allowed his listeners to enjoy life even in spite of racial, cultural and financial stresses, Okoren has created a dark yet warm electronic track that also features references to positive musical forces such as Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson in its lyrical theme.

On the track, Okoren explains to us: "Marley was written with my friend, Jarrett Burns. At the time, he was working with Kaskade, so we got into some deep topics about honesty in music and the impact artists have in healing culture. 'Marley' is a nod to Bob Marley and other artists who did just that. The production is downtempo and feels relaxed, but intense... which is how I would describe myself."

As Burns sincerely yet solemnly sings, 'Don't worry about the current scene, just let it be, you be you now, let me be me" up against a vibrant, tropical and persistent down-tempo electronic dance backing -it's very easy to feel your troubles lifted away in this feel good mantra which encourages individuality, diversity and the respect to allow people to live freely, lovingly and without restrain.

Words of Karla Harris